December (Q4) 2015

WELCOME to the FMEC CPD Quarterly Status Report for Q4, 2015.  


This report includes an update on the activities of the Steering Committee and our priorities for the first quarter of 2016.


Steering Committee Activities This Quarter

As part of our commitment to comprehensive and ongoing communication of the progress and changes surrounding the FMEC CPD project, a website was identified as a key vehicle for project communications.  This quarter began with the launch of a fully bilingual website.  


With the communication framework established, the Steering Committee concentrated the on the identification of individual projects that will form the basis of activity moving forward.  As stated previously, the output of the FMEC CPD project will be generated, in large measure, by encouraging stakeholders to work together on projects of interest and deliberately harvesting the learning that will result.  This quarter, the Steering Committee defined parameters and made the call, via email, for these projects to be submitted for review with the intention of endorsement.  The call for projects included:


  • Clearly defined submission process.
  • Prioritized topics / areas of focus for projects.
  • Timeline (deadline Friday, February 19th 2016).
  • Forms to enable submission of projects / project ideas embedded on the website.




Steering Committee Priorities for Next Quarter (Q1 2016)

The collection of project submissions will continue into the first quarter of 2016 and the process of reviewing and endorsing projects will begin.  Therefore, the main activities of the Steering Committee during Q1 2016 will include:


     Development and distribution of communication materials to encourage project submissions.

     Definition of process and criteria for decision-making / endorsement of projects.

     Selection and endorsement of initial projects.






Stay Informed and Get Engaged!

We encourage you to stay informed and get engaged with our work.  Refer to our website at for regular updates on our work and opportunities to get involved.