September (Q3) 2015

WELCOME to the first Quarterly Status Report from the FMEC CPD Project Secretariat.  You can expect these status reports each quarter for the duration of our 3-year project.  They will provide all stakeholders with:

Š    an update on the activities of the Steering Committee including priorities for next quarter,

Š    information from individual projects ongoing under the banner of FMEC CPD and, as it becomes available,

Š    a detailed description of a Pan-Canadian Consortium for CPD.


Steering Committee Activities This Quarter

The project Steering Committee has been and continue to be actively involved in ongoing activities to support the direction and advancement of the FMEC-CPD project as follows:


Š  Project Secretariat formed and project launched May 2015.

Š  Steering Committee Meeting July 2015

§  Validated the vision / outcome for 3-year planning project.

§  Identified the priority themes / questions for FMEC CPD project activities in the coming year.

Š  Communication & Infrastructure Planning, September 2015.


Additional details about each of these activities can be found on our website at





Beginning in late 2012, a series of activities were undertaken to provide the context for the proposed strategy for the FMEC CPD project.  Full details of these activities can be found our our website at:


Based on these activities and the formalization of the Project Secretariat the FMEC CPD project was formally launched in May 2015.





Steering Committee Priorities for Next Quarter (Q4 2015)

With the infrastructure and communication framework established, the Steering Committee will concentrate on the individual projects that will form the basis of activity moving forward.  The intent is that we will use the outcomes of individual projects, focused on current priorities and strategic issues (e.g., current clinical issues, practise issues and / or health system issues), to inform and shape the vision of the Pan-Canadian Consortium.  The outcomes of these projects will be evaluated and reviewed for our purposes in the context of a Pan-Canadian Consortium to ensure we address the priorities and strategic issues related to the creation of a Pan-Canadian Consortium for CPD identified at the National Invitation Summit in April 2014.


Therefore, the main activities of the Steering Committee during Q4 2015 will include:



Project Inventory

§ We will identify and collect information about projects, either ongoing or planned, the results of which could be evaluated / reviewed to help inform and contribute to the description of a Pan-Canadian Consortium for CPD and foster the intent to collaborate with CPD providers or organizations.

§ This inventory will include projects being developed by national and international organizations.

Call for Project Submissions Including Process, Submission Templates and Timeline

§ Based on our review of project information collected in the Project Inventory, we will have a call for new project submissions.

§ This “call for submissions” will include details about the submission process, a template for submission and timeline for submission and decision making.




Stay Informed and Get Engaged!

Since its inception, the FMEC-CPD project has taken a collaborative approach to shape its vision, working with planning partners and engaging the broad CPD community across Canada.  The project will intentionally bring individuals and groups together to achieve its objectives.


We encourage you to stay informed and get engaged with our work.  Refer to our website at for regular updates on our work and opportunities to get involved.