June (Q2) 2016

Welcome to the FMEC CPD Quarterly Status Report for Q2, 2016.  This report provides an update on the activities of the FMEC CPD Steering Committee and describes our priorities for the third quarter of 2016.


Steering Committee Activities This Quarter

The Steering Committee focused this quarter on next steps for collaboration with endorsed projects including the development of a framework to enable more comprehensive understanding of project outcomes.  


To advance the framework for this collaboration the Steering Committee:

  • Developed detailed information (including descriptions, definitions and specific questions) for each of the 8 priority areas.
  • Hosted a full day meeting to review and finalize detailed information.
  • Aligned each endorsed project with a single priority area for the purposes of initial collaboration.
  • Defined a process and tools for collaboration that include email communication, a teleconference and data collection.





Ongoing Project Submissions

Additional projects were submitted to the Steering Committee this quarter for review.  Based on these submissions, two additional projects were endorsed for our purposes, bringing the total number of endorsed projects to 30.

For a comprehensive listing of endorsed projects refer to our website at:  

Annual Report

During this quarter, we developed our first Annual Report which was shared with the Partner CEOs and discussed in a teleconference.  This report included a summary of key milestones and decisions made throughout the first year of the project and a high level plan for the remaining two years of the project.    


Valuable feedback was provided by the CEOs and each partner organization confirmed their ongoing support for the FMEC CPD project







Steering Committee Priorities for Next Quarter (Q3 2016)

The objective of the collaboration with endorsed projects moving forward is to allow us to better understand aspects of the current Canadian CPD system in order to illuminate options and possibilities for a system that supports innovation and facilitates ongoing quality improvement.  Therefore, to advance this collaboration and learning, the main activities of the Steering Committee during Q3 2016 will include:

  • Engagement of project leads related to specific priority areas.
  • Collection of data / outcomes related to each of the endorsed projects.
  • Initial synthesis and review of collected data.
  • Initiate literature searches related to specific themes.


We will also continue to encourage the submission of additional projects and consider commissioning of specific projects relevant to one or more themes to compliment the project submission process.


Stay Informed and Get Engaged

We encourage you to stay informed and get engaged with our work.  As part of our commitment to comprehensive and ongoing communication of the progress and changes surrounding the FMEC CPD project our website is updated regularly.  We encourage you to bookmark our site at and visit frequently!