Scope of practice

    1. Physicians should be provided with tools or strategies to document and periodically revise a description of their scope of practice to create, implement and evaluate the impact of a practice specific education plan that is intentionally responsive to patient, institutional and personal needs.

    Team-based learning and improvement

    2. Physician learning and improvement must focus on the competencies required for physicians to function within and to learn from members of health care teams in which they participate.

    3. Accreditation and certification bodies, educational providers, and other relevant health professions organizations should collaborate to identify system changes required to implement and “certify” interprofessional continuing professional development.

    Skilled lifelong learners

    4. Prioritize and support learning activities that facilitate collaborative learning within formal or informal communities of practice.

    5. Develop curricular resources that facilitate understanding and acquisition of effective lifelong learning skills for physicians in practice.

    Developed by those with expertise in planning and delivery

    6. Create national training opportunities to enable CPD developers and providers to acquire the core competences required to design, implement and evaluate educational interventions.

    Funding to enhance quality and continuous improvement

    7. Collaborate with provincial and national CPD stakeholders to identify funding strategies for the development of programs, resources, and tools to address emerging public health needs, regional health priorities, and interprofessional CPD

    Designed to advance competency-based CPD

    8. Each specialty should identify the core and emerging competencies relevant to all members of the specialty and use the CanMEDS / CanMEDS FM competency frameworks to recommend activities, tools and data sources for learning and practice improvement within the specialty’s major scopes of practice.

    Support regulatory requirements for practice improvement

    9. All physicians will be expected to participate in a continuous cycle of practice improvement that is supported by the availability of understandable, relevant, and trusted individual or aggregate practice data with feedback for the benefit of patients.

    National CPD datasets linked to health systems data

    10. Establish a national repository of learning activities with a data structure to identify gaps in activity development; facilitate physician access to learning activities to address their practice needs; support national reporting and enable an analysis of the impact of physician participation in CPD on physician performance improvement and patient outcomes.

    Integrated provincial / regional leadership networks

    11. Create or strengthen provincial or regional CPD networks to facilitate the monitoring, planning and evaluation of educational interventions required to address patient, community, and population health needs and priorities using the best available evidence.