About FMEC-CPD

    The Future of Medical Education in Canada (FMEC) initiatives aim to re-evaluate and rigorously improve Canadian medical education.  The first two phases focused on undergraduate education (FMEC Medical Doctor (MD) and residency education (FMEC Postgraduate (PG) respectively, resulting in reports to guide future implementation.  In recognition of the fundamental differences between the first two phases of medical education and continuing professional development (CPD) including the number and type of participating organizations, professional identity of audiences, practice settings, the need to align curriculum to individuals’ scopes of practice, and measures of success, among others – the FMEC CPD initiative was planned and is being implemented differently than the first two.

    The pre-implementation phase for FMEC CPD began with an environmental scan and convening a meeting of national CPD stakeholder organizations in December 2012.  A National Invitational Summit was held in April 2014 which formed the foundation for the development of a strategy and business plan for FMEC CPD which was endorsed by 7 funding partner organizations.

    Project Goals & Objectives

    The vision of FMEC CPD is the development of a pan-Canadian CPD system that sustains innovation and ongoing quality improvement for the health of Canadians.  The three year FMEC CPD initiative, formally launched in May 2015, will seek to define the policies, structures and mechanisms that will enable this future national CPD system.

    One of the key strategies to realize the intended outcomes from FMEC CPD is to intentionally integrate the work of CPD stakeholder organizations in contributing to the outcomes across the selected project themes (priority themes are detailed here: Approved Projects).  The FMEC CPD project will use a “collaborative results based approach” that will include the outcomes from multiple projects led by CPD organizations in Canada in contributing to the development of a set of recommendations that address each theme and the overall vision for FMEC CPD.

    Key deliverables from the three year planning phase include:

    • Identification of issues that are a priority for the partner organizations.
    • Integration of current initiatives within the FMEC CPD project plan.
    • Identification and launch of specific projects to address strategic issues.
    • Comprehensive communication with the CPD community regarding progress, remaining challenges, and options for how the Steering Committee will address them.

    Project Timeline

    A series of activities have been undertaken to advance the FMEC CPD Project.

    Quarterly Status Reports

    The project Steering Committee is actively directing  the FMEC CPD project.  Full details about our activities are available in the Quarterly Status Reports below.

    Early activities established the project framework and ensured alignment amongst partner organizations and included:

    • Project Secretariat Formalized, FMEC CPD Project Launched (May 2015)
    • Steering Committee, First Face to Face Meeting (July 2015)
    • Website Design, Development and Launch (August – October 2015)


    Once the infrastructure and communication framework were established, key activities focused on identifying projects and enabling engagement with these projects to begin the collaboration process, including:

    • Call for Project Submissions (December – February 2016)
    • Project Review and Endorsement (February – March 2016)

    With endorsed projects identified, the focus of activity moved to defining (or refining) the comprehensive framework for collaboration and initiating these collaboration and data collection activities.  This included:

    • Development of Detailed Collaboration Framework (May 2016)
    • Ongoing Project Submissions, Review and Endorsement (June 2016)
    • Alignment of Endorsed Projects with Collaboration Priorities (June 2016)
    • Project Collaboration and Initial Data Collection (September 2016)
    • Literature Search Strategy & Initiation of Literature Searches (October 2016)

    Annual Report - Year 1

    The first year of the FMEC CPD project is summarized in first Annual Report – Year 1, which was shared with the Partner CEOs in May 2016.

    Annual Report - Year 2

    The second year of the FMEC CPD project is summarized our second Annual Report – Year 2, which was shared with the Partner CEOs in June 2017.

    Steering Committee Direction

    Moving forward, the Steering Committee will be focused on ensuring that our initiatives recommendations are as fully informed as possible with a comprehensive set of data identified from projects, consultations with stakeholders and literature searches.

    The outcomes of these activities will be documented and shared in ongoing status updates and include:

    • Ongoing collaboration with endorsed project leads.
    • Supporting and summarizing the findings from the literature searches.
    • Identifying any gaps from the review of data from projects and literature searches to inform the development of alternative strategies for data collection.
    • Forward planning of activities that will be needed to produce a final report.