Physician Peer Assessment Redesign

    Physician Peer Assessment Redesign

    Project Summary

    The peer assessment program at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has operated for over 30 years and focuses on providing feedback to physicians that validates appropriate care and provides suggestions for practice improvement that can guide continuing professional development. Peer assessment in Ontario functions by pairing an assessor with a similar practice background as the physician to be assessed and includes an onsite visit, record review, and interview.

    The goals of the Peer Assessment Redesign Project are improving the consistency of the assessment process and increasing the educational impact of assessment for the majority of physicians who provide satisfactory care.

    The validity framework developed to achieve these goals was built around working with assessors as a cohort within their specific discipline (e.g., family medicine, emergency medicine, anesthesiology, etc.,) and arriving at a consensus on what defines quality care. This consensus approach allows physician assessors to pool knowledge and expertise in support of an assessment program that provides consistent and relevant feedback. Draft assessment tools were shared as part of an external consultation to ensure their appropriateness to each discipline and are made publicly available to support informed preparation in advance of assessment as well as to support physicians in engaging in post– assessment quality improvement initiatives.

    Project Objectives

    This project aims to develop a validity framework that guides creation of valid, consistent and impactful assessment programs focusing on providing feedback to physicians in support of quality improvement and continuing professional development. By integrating research theory on effective physician assessment and pursuing a consensus approach to defining quality patient care within each medical specialty/discipline, peer assessments in the future are intended to be more effective in catalyzing continuous quality improvement in Ontario physicians.


    Start Date:1/1/2012
    Anticipated End Date:12/31/2017
    • Sponsor / Lead Organization:
    • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

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