MCC 360 – A National MSF Program

    MCC 360 – A National MSF Program

    Project Summary

    The purpose of the project is to establish a national framework to administer, enhance, standardize and ensure consistency and reliability of the MCC 360 Multisource Feedback Program instruments (tools). The aim is to develop a Multisource Feedback (MSF) tool(s) that are nationally accepted, centrally managed, standardized, customizable and evolvable. It must also be a financially sustainable program.

    Project Objectives

    The goals and objectives of the MCC 360 Multisource Feedback Program are to:

    • Establish a national MSF program with tools that are valid, reliable and standardized, with additional supporting tools where necessary (e.g. reporting, rater training, feedback supports)
      • Implement governance structures for the project that can be transitioned to ongoing activities
      • Establish national MSF guidelines
      • Define, develop and implement a national MSF program and MCC business model
      • Propose and implement MSF continual improvement in survey service delivery
    • Establish an ongoing financially sustainable business model
      • Undertake survey administration and service delivery functions
      • Transfer Intellectual Property Rights from CPSA to MCC, and enter into licence agreements with existing MSF users
      • Explore other potential MSF users for business development (e.g. grow the user base)


    Start Date:1/1/2015
    Anticipated End Date:12/31/2018
    • Sponsor / Lead Organization
    • Medical Council of Canada

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