Competency-Based Restructuring of the CAP Annual Meeting

    Competency-Based Restructuring of the CAP Annual Meeting

    Project Summary

    The practice of medicine in general and of pathology in particular has dramatically changed over the last three decades. New discoveries, techniques and technologies broadened the scope of our practice; subspecialization ensued and the types of pathology practice in Canada are increasingly distinct. At the same time, new educational principles and tools are being implemented, which resulted in a dramatic change in academic curricula and accreditation requirements.

    An ad hoc committee was created in order to restructure the annual meeting by applying competency-based education principles. We re-identified our target audience, developed a needs assessment, reviewed the quality of our learning objectives and the diversity of learning formats, and analysed our evaluation strategies. The ad hoc committee made a proposal for restructuring the annual meeting which received full support of the CAP executive.

    We are now planning the implementation of this project over the next 3 years.

    Project Objectives

    The main goals are:

    • to introduce practice assessment sessions;
    • to increase the number and quality of interprofessional/interdisciplinary activities;
    • and to improve our evaluations strategies to achieve Kirkpatrick’s level 3.


    Start Date:2/25/2016
    Anticipated End Date:7/15/2019
    • Sponsor / Lead Organization:
    • Canadian Association of Pathologists

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