Canadian Society of Hospital Medicine – Core Competencies in Hospital Medicine (CCHM)

    Canadian Society of Hospital Medicine – Core Competencies in Hospital Medicine (CCHM)

    Project Summary

    The development of Canadian Society of Hospital Medicine (CSHM) Core Competencies in Hospital Medicine: Care of the Medical Inpatient (Phase 1 – September 2015) known as CCHM 2015 began officially in September 2013, at the CSHM Annual Conference. Since then, more than 100 practicing hospital physicians contributed to this document through written and verbal feedback in focus groups held at national meetings, through writing, editing, and reviewing frameworks, or by writing original articles. This document (Phase 1 completed) is truly a grassroots description of Canadian medical inpatient care in a non-critical care setting, written by individuals who work in a hospital setting. This document, put together in a framework of competency roles (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (RCPSC) CanMEDS 2015), reflects elements of care that go well beyond a knowledge base. At this point in time, it is DESCRIPTIVE and not a PRESCRIPTIVE document. It describes hospital inpatient care, regardless of hospital size. It seeks to focus on care needs of patients, while describing a high bar for quality of care on most responsible physicians (MRPs), their clinical teams, as well as hospital systems. In fact, it relies on highly functioning hospital systems and does not isolate physicians out of this system, nor exclude/include them based on their medical specialty.

    Project Objectives

    Much work is required moving forward if this document (Phase 1) is to prove itself as a living and usable resource for the ambitious purposes it has identified. The CSHM will be requesting internal reviews and feedback from Canadian physicians who have an interest in improving care of the medical inpatient. These physicians may or may not identify themselves as hospitalists; however, their input is critical in order to address more comprehensively the needs of patients within the hospital system. Secondly, partnerships in the review and feedback process will be initiated with relevant associations, societies, educators, patient advocacy groups, regulatory groups, and others in refining this Phase 1 document.

    Starting now, currently into Phase 2, individual physicians and physician groups may begin the process of using this CCHM 2015 document in live environments. Such initiatives could include:

    • Defining a Scope of Practice for the practice of non-critical care Hospital Medicine.
    • Development of curricula for enhanced training in Hospital Medicine.
    • Resource evaluations within hospital systems.
    • Presentations regarding current state of practice reality for many hospital physician groups.
    • Organization and planning of CPD for inpatient physicians.
    • Development of CPD research in competency-based education.
    • Formation of a basis for enhanced skills recognition in Hospital Medicine.
    • Support high quality and safe patient care in the hospital.


    Start Date:9/15/2013
    Anticipated End Date:Ongoing development – Phase 2
    • Sponsor / Lead Organization:
    • Canadian Society of Hospital Medicine

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